Artful Design and Facilitation Masterclass

Master the ability to design and facilitate meaningful professional learning and community


In this six-session learning series, you will receive the tools, skills, and dispositions to create meeting, gathering, and learning spaces that allow you and the adults you serve to thrive beyond our current conditions. Drawing from Elena Aguilar and Lori Cohen’s book, The PD Book: 7 Habits that Transform Professional Development, participants will explore the advanced skills of designing and leading adult learning. 

You’ll apply adult learning theory to intentional meeting design and facilitation, learn about how to engage emotions and navigate power, consider the crucial elements of intentional design and the details that make learning matter, and practice adaptive facilitation when unforeseen circumstances arise. Through reflective activities, individual practice, and group connection and processing, you’ll leave this series with skills, strategies, inspiration, and connection with others in a transformational learning community.

This masterclass is right for you if any of the following describe you:

  • You’re interested in supporting yourself and others in doing more than “powering through” these tough times
  • You are a leader who is seeking ways of building and sustaining community through intentional design
  • You want to level up in your design and facilitation
  • You want to shift the paradigm about what’s possible in professional development
  • You are seeking a professional community of adults engaging around adult learning


Participants will:

  • Generate purposeful meeting outcomes and engaging activities rooted in the principles of adult learning
  • Connect in community and explore what it means to explore emotions and navigate power, individually and collectively
  • Create conditions for transformative learning through intentional design and attending to the details
  • Reflect on who we are as facilitators and what it means to facilitate adaptively
  • Develop tools for assessing the impact of professional learning to create better outcomes for students

Activities include

  • Individual reflection
  • Small group discussions and collaboration
  • Role play practice and scenario analysis
  • Crafting an agenda that aligns with adult learning principles
  • Protocols to build connection and receive feedback on problems of practice

Who should attend

Team leaders, anyone who leads professional learning, and positional leaders (assistant principals, upper level deans, instructional leaders, managers).

Prerequisites and course materials


This 3-week learning experience includes six learning blocks at two hours each, totaling to 12 hours of virtual-live learning. Each session requires 1 hour of pre-work in advance of the virtual engagement.

All virtual-live sessions (except breakouts) will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the learning experience.

What People Say

This learning experience with Lori reinforced for me how meaningful intentional design and facilitation of professional learning can be in creating the liberatory, joyful and resilient communities we are dreaming of for ourselves and for our kids. You should join this series if you are looking to build your skills as an artful designer and facilitator of adult learning experiences that can transform your community.


Truly, every minute feels purposeful, rich with learning and opportunities for engagement. Lori’s explanations and scaffolds support learning all along the way and invite me to return to glean from her and colleagues’ ideas shared.”

workshop participant

This series has exceeded my expectations because I feel I am actually learning how to facilitate learning for adults. The pre-work and the activities during the session piqued my curiosity and desire to learn more and do better as a facilitator of adult learning.

workshop participant

“I have been challenged each session to step outside my comfort zone, but it has felt safe and manageable to do so. I am grateful to see so many useful strategies modeled, and the curtain pulled back to show the why and how. It has felt immediately useful in my work, and I am already feeling more confident as a learning experience designer. I’m looking forward to continuing to deepen my facilitation skills, as I have much to learn in that area.

workshop participant