Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Leaders’ Professional Learning Community



School leadership is an exceptionally demanding and often lonely role. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) school leaders face additional challenges that come with underrepresentation (only comprising ~22% of school leadership roles) and the daily grind of operating within white supremacy culture. This reality combined with the lack of targeted supports, quickly leads to burn-out. Too many transformational BIPOC school leaders have left the field or contemplate leaving.

This is not okay.

Here’s the good news: We can change that reality by providing BIPOC leaders with thoughtfully designed and intentionally facilitated learning spaces and advocating for structural changes that disrupt white supremacy! 

Here’s the even better news: Each year an amazing group of BIPOC leaders have the opportunity to experience this type of transformational learning experience as a part of Bright Morning’s newest offering: Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Leaders’ Professional Learning Community (PLC).

This four-month, application-based experience provides communal support and targeted development to meet the unique needs of BIPOC school leaders.

Our Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) Leaders’ Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a small cohort of BIPOC current school leaders/administrators. The PLC will meet from August to December 2022, for a total of 8 sessions, with Bright Morning founder and CEO, Elena Aguilar. Participants will be provided with opportunities for reflection, short readings, and activities to more deeply understand their experiences as BIPOC leaders and shore up the resilience needed to lead schools. 

At the core of this learning experience is the community: Significant time will be allocated to building community and supporting each other. In this sense, this offering is different from many of Bright Morning’s learning experiences—this PLC is not a place where you’ll learn how to coach for equity, for example. Instead, you will learn how to access deeper reserves of self-knowledge and awareness, and how to listen to each other and be together in new ways. The PLC is led by Bright Morning founder and CEO, Elena Aguilar.

This is an application-based program. Listen in to hear Elena Aguilar share more about this unique opportunity for BIPOC education leaders.


This experience is right for you if:

  • You identify as BIPOC and are currently a positional leader in the field of education. For example, a district level administrator, principal, dean of students, etc. If you are unclear if your role meets this requirement, please email to discuss.
  • You crave community with other BIPOC education leaders and are ready to commit to actively building and contributing to co-creating that community
  • You know that your healing and resilience are critical to enable you to lead equitable schools. 
  • You are willing to explore a range of modalities for self-knowledge, including meditation, movement, and creative expression.


  • In addition to being a current school leader/administrator, all participants should have engaged previously in a Bright Morning-led training or conference.
    • At minimum this means attending one of our half-day learning workshops (one-hour webinars do not fulfill this requirement). This is essential to ensure the depth of alignment with our approach to learning experiences and personal growth required for this type of intensive experience.
    • If you have not previously engaged with us at this level, and are interested in taking part in this experience, we recommend starting with one of our introductory workshops found here.
  • You must be able to attend every session and have carefully reviewed the program expectations (see below).


  • We treat this space as sacred. Participants honor this expectation by arriving on time.
  • Videos should be on during the entire session to allow for full presence and connection.
  • Participants will share contact information with each other in order to connect for assignments outside of the PLC meetings.
  • Participants must have the capacity to meet with their Home Groups between sessions and must prioritize attending every session. Community is at the heart of this experience, and a thriving community requires being fully committed and engaged.
  • We understand that emergencies come up. If a participant misses two sessions, a Bright Morning team member will reach out to connect and partner to identify an alternate pathway, if necessary.


Unlike the overwhelming majority of our programs, this opportunity requires an application, and individuals are selected and invited to participate. More details about this program will be shared in spring 2023.

“The PLC was a great opportunity for leaders together to discuss collective challenges and support one another. The learning was deep and meaningful. The experience grew my capacity and allowed me to see how to support others in authentic and empathetic ways.”

Jason D.

“It is through this experience that I increased my confidence and identity around being a leader. I really explored that notion of being good enough and valid with my cohort colleagues and learned to embrace being a leader as a part of who I am. I am a leader because I am living with honesty and clarity about who I am. For so long I would SAY I am a leader in education and I had titles and awards to show it, but here I embarked on a process that helped be BELIEVE in myself as someone who has purpose. This process included talking/sharing thinking and story, being listened to, observing others speak and holding space for others, witnessing the consultancy protocol in action, and being invited and asked to reflect, speak, share, contribute, help, and give back.”

Bawaajigekwe B.

“Elena Aguilar’s community building facilitation is nothing less than magical. The BIPOC PLC she led was a space for me to interrogate how I relate to myself, how my human environment influences my relationship with myself, and the impact this has on my personal and professional life.”

Amena C.