Coaching for Equity Book Club

Learn the tools and skills to effectively coach for equity and transform yourself, your community, your organization


This four-week, month-long book club will provide you a foundation for understanding what it means to be a coach for equity.

With a balance of history, adult learning theory, coaching tools, and personal stories, Coaching for Equity is grounded in the theories, practices, and direct experiences that will help you build knowledge of Transformational Coaching and begin to understand how to address, interrupt, and shift inequities when they arise.

Reading this book in community will allow you to connect with practitioners across a range of experiences and roles; you will have an opportunity to process learning together, make meaning from what you read, and identify next steps for your learning.


Book club participants will:

  • Identify the core components of what it means to be a coach for equity
  • Connect in community with those who are committed to equitable outcomes for self, community, and organizations

Activities Include

  • Processing passages together
  • Exploring the five principles of Transformational Coaching
  • Storytelling
  • Scenario analysis from the book

Who should attend

Anyone seeking to deepen their commitment to equity work, groups that are interested in using Coaching for Equity as a text in their school or community, or anyone familiar with Coaching for Equity who wants to go deeper into the text.


Participants must have their own copy of Coaching for Equity. The book is not included in the registration fee and participants must acquire the book on their own before the start of the book club.

Duration and Schedule

4 weeks; 60-min virtual-live session each week

What people say

As a white woman working in public education, it is my responsibility to continue my learning journey to develop my own racial consciousness, and understand how my lived experiences, identity and biases influence my beliefs and behaviors. The resources provided by Bright Morning and Elena are powerful tools that support this learning and participating in workshops and training creates opportunities for deeper reflection.

Sandra S.

This was such a great and inspiring experience! Reading the book is great, but it has been so much more powerful to be offered guiding questions for processing what I learned in community with other professionals. I learned so much from hearing the perspectives and experiences of educators in very different educational and geographical settings. Having time to talk together reinforced some things and shifted my thinking on others. I also appreciated having time during the session to reflect on my own before sharing in a group

Jessica L.

In the opening chapter Elena says, “Coaching is a way to look in a mirror so you can see what you’re doing. I want to help you become a more reflective practitioner.” That sentiment was magnified in my experience with this book club. Each week we had the opportunity to reflect on what came up for us, bear witness to what others experience, and leave more equipped to disrupt systems of inequality. This experience was facilitated in a manner that was both respectful and transparent about the intentional moves. As a participant I had an active role in my learning and got to do the majority of the thinking and processing. Not a one and done or sit and get, but a model for what powerful adult learning should be. I would recommend to anyone who wants to think about where they have been, and the world they want to help shape.


Coaching for Equity is a must read! Having the opportunity to connect with and learn from educators across the country who are in passionate pursuit of bridge-building in their communities has strengthened and inspired me for the journey… personally and professionally.