Coaching for Resilience Masterclass

Build the resilience of adults to build the resilience of students


Even prior to the global health crisis, burnout and stress levels have been the rise. But research on resilience provides hope: we can learn strategies to build our ability to respond to adversity. And now, more than ever, we need those strategies and abilities–for ourselves and to support the young people we care about. As stressors intensify and we recognize that we’re living with constant uncertainty, this workshop is more relevant, timely and useful than ever. In this virtual learning experience, participants will explore the highest leverage strategies that support educators to build their resilience.

These strategies will be modeled and participants will have opportunities to practice using these immediately. Participants will also have time and space to reflect on their own resilience, and will then learn a variety of methods to boost the resilience of those they coach, lead and support.

The content of the workshop builds on the material in Elena’s book, Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators, and introduces tools and resources that have not been shared or published elsewhere.


Participants will:

  • understand the impact of coaching for resilience in educators
  • identify the key components of a framework that builds resilience
  • practice using resilience-building strategies in conversations
  • engage in and reflect on activities that build individual and collective resilience.

Activities include

  • Observing and deconstructing a coaching conversation that uses the ACE framework for coaching emotions
  • Identifying core values
  • Getting to know an emotion cycle
  • Learning how to use compassion when dealing with difficult people
  • Expanding your story to cultivate resilience

Who should attend

  • Teacher leaders, coaches, administrators and anyone else who has coaching or supervision conversations
  • Professionals from outside of education also benefit from this workshop and frequently attend it




Participants engage in seven sessions of two hours each over a three-week period.

What people say

“I will use the ACE framework right away. It’s so easy to remember and easy to use!”

Alex, instructional coach, Seattle

“I had a huge epiphany during the cycle of an emotion section–about myself and about a new teacher on my staff. This is going to be a game changer!”

Mark, principal, Tulsa

“I’m so grateful for the time to remember why I got into teaching and how I can help others stay grounded in their purpose. My resilience has shot up in just two days.”

Dina, coach, Los Angeles