Onward Book Club

Grow your resilience. Grow your community.


The Onward Book Club offers a year of monthly book club discussions for individuals and groups to grow your resilience in a supportive community.

Based on the 12-month curriculum in the book Onward and The Onward Workbook, the book club will provide strategies and practices to help you deepen your resilience. 

With practical, informative, inspirational and relevant activities and guidance, Onward is grounded in science, social science, and psychology, and peppered with Elena’s personal narratives, this book will undoubtedly change the way we think about emotions, stress, and our purpose as educators. 

The book focuses on the 12 habits that cultivate resilience, and their correlating dispositions, and provides a roadmap for how to feel more effective, more fulfilled, and happier at work.


Book club participants will:

  • Connect in community with people all over the world
  • Identify powerful passages from readings and integrate them into their practices
  • Develop tools to cultivate their resilience from the 12 habits and dispositions

Activities include

  • Small group and whole group discussions
  • Guided practice
  • Exercises from The Onward Workbook

Who should attend

Anyone seeking to deepen their resilience, groups that are interested in using Onward as a text in their school or community, or anyone familiar with Onward who wants to go deeper into the text. 


Participants must have their own copy of Onward. This book is required for participation and is not included in the registration fee. We also highly recommend having your own copy of the Onward Workbook, though it is not strictly required.

Duration and Schedule

Our 2022-2023 cohort will meet on the first Tuesday of each month starting June 2022. Discussions are held at 3:00pm Eastern Time (12:00pm Pacific Time) and are 60 minutes in length. All sessions are recorded and participants will have access to the recordings for the duration of the learning experience.

  • Live session dates:
    • June 7
    • July 5
    • August 2
    • September 6
    • October 4
    • November 1
    • December 6
    • January 3
    • February 7
    • March 7
    • April 4
    • May 2

What people say

Such a breath of fresh air and a reawakening within yourself of knowing who you are so you can help others.


The Onward program offers a wealth of resources for educators of all types, and in a way that models best practices. Onward has helped me understand the origins of true resilience, and I’ve gained so much personally and as a professional from this accessible, affordable, and inviting monthly meeting.


The book and workbook are amazing, but to connect within a community repeatedly is magic! Thank you for creating this space for us to share, ask questions, and learn. I will try to recognize and celebrate my work in creating a joyful and empathetic school environment.