Taste of Coaching for Equity

Establish a strong foundation to become a coach for equity


In this 4-hour workshop (facilitated in two, 2-hour learning blocks ideally on the same day), participants will receive the foundational principles of Transformational Coaching, equity literacy, and coaching for equity. We’ll spend the first hour ensuring participants are working from shared understanding and definitions of these principles. Participants will then have an opportunity to observe and practice coaching for equity by sharing about their ways of being/identities, seeing and debriefing coaching scenarios, and role playing a conversation in small groups. Participants will leave the workshop with increased confidence in their abilities to be coaches for equity.


Participants will:

  • Develop strategies for talking about race, power, and systems of oppression
  • Develop strategies which lead to changes in teacher’s practice
  • Identify what equity is and raise awareness for issues of inequity
  • Explore how to recognize and prevent inequities in the classroom and school communities
  • Receive tools to empower the change making that contributes to an equitable environment

Activities include

  • Discussion
  • Role play
  • Individual reflection

Who should attend

  • People who are newer to coaching for equity
  • Schools and organizations who want to establish a shared baseline for the principles of Transformational Coaching, equity literacy, and coaching for equity
  • Those who are curious to learn more about and want a sampling of what’s offered in our longer series


Participants must have their own copy of Coaching for Equity to participate in this learning experience. Books are not included in the registration fee and must be acquired separately.


4-hour virtual-live workshop facilitated in 2-hour blocks to allow for a brain break

This learning experience is only offered as a private workshop for teams and organizations. To learn more about bringing a Bright Morning experience to your group, click here to submit a request.

The ease of the presenters brought a level of comfort to the topic that encouraged all of us to participate openly, honestly, and with humility. They created a safe space on a Zoom video call – an art in itself.


This gave me a new understanding and thirst to know more about myself and my community.


What a great way to start the conversation and provide early learning about the need for equity in our schools and communities. I am really looking forward to building on this powerful 4 hour session with book groups and more conversations. Thank you, Lori and Nick!.