Taste of Transformational Coaching

Explore the core ideas, tools, and approaches in Transformational Coaching


This three hour introductory session provides an overview of Transformational Coaching, a coaching demonstration and a block of time to practice key concepts. An ideal learning experience for those just getting to know Elena’s model of Transformational Coaching, this session orients participants to the model, sparks interest and curiosity, and gets learners excited to dig in deeper. This can be a valuable add-on (at a reduced rate) for those who are participating in other learning experiences with us such as The Art of Coaching Teams 101 workshop.


Participants will:

  • Recognize the value of Transformational Coaching and how it differs from other coaching models
  • Understand how to use Transformational Coaching in any context, regardless of official title or role
  • Explore three core tools in Transformational Coaching and how to use them

Activities include

  • A demonstration of a Transformational Coaching conversation
  • Small group practice of key strategies
  • Small group discussion
  • Question and answer

Who should attend

  • People who are newer to coaching
  • Schools and organizations who want to establish a shared baseline for the principles of Transformational Coaching
  • Those who are curious to learn more about and want a sampling of what’s offered in our longer series
  • Those attending The Art of Coaching Teams 101 who haven’t previously taken part in a Transformational Coaching learning experience (such as The Art of Coaching 101)


None, though we do encourage participants to have their own copy of The Art of Coaching to supplement and support their continued learning post-workshop.


3 hour virtual-live workshop

What people say

“I’ve read Elena’s book (The Art of Coaching), but it was more meaningful to have the face-to-face instruction. Now I know what transformational coaching LOOKS like and have developed the foundational skills to continue growing as a transformational coach. Now the book can guide my practice ongoing.”

Sherri, coach, Baltimore

“Attend to continue to grow in both your coaching and humanity. There was so much valuable space created for reflection, learning, growth, and community.”

virtual participant, June 2020