The Art of Coaching 101

Develop foundational skills for transformational coaching in our signature workshop


This highly interactive workshop is based on Elena’s best-selling book, The Art of Coaching (2013). It introduces participants to tools and resources, with an opportunity to see them modeled right away.

New and experienced coaches alike will gain clarity about what coaching is and what a coach can do in schools and organizations. Administrators will leave with an expanded set of tools for leading the adults on their teams.

This workshop also provides educators with a chance to slow down and reflect on their values and remember what brought them into their role and field. Those who design and deliver professional development as part of their jobs will also experience exceptional facilitation, learning just as much about delivering PD as they learn about coaching. Participants leave with renewed energy, inspired to return to their organizations to implement all that they have learned.


Participants will:

  • Acquire powerful methods to facilitate the learning of adults
  • Expand their definition of coaching
  • Identify the three components of a Transformational Coaching conversation and use multiple strategies for each component
  • Explore the impact of Transformational Coaching strategies
  • Develop self-awareness and gain confidence as coaches and leaders

Activities include

  • Observing and deconstructing masterful coaching
  • Identifying core values
  • Refining listening strategies
  • Learning new analytical frameworks and applying them to real scenarios
  • Role playing coaching conversations

Who should attend

  • New and experienced coaches, managers, and mentors
  • Leaders who want to use coaching strategies to support and develop the adults on their teams
  • Educators of all positions who work in public, charter, and private schools


Participants are required to have a copy of The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Workbook. Both books are not included in the registration fee and must be acquired separately.


~6-8 hours of on-demand learning that can be done on your own timeline
4 hour virtual-live workshop

What people say

“This course is truly powerful; it grounds instructional leaders and coaches in their sense of being and purpose, and gives them the tools to unpack their emotions in order to support the critical work of educators all around them. I can’t imagine a more impactful training experience–but why read this account? Try it yourself and experience the joy of transformational coaching!!”

virtual participant, October 2020

“The virtual course allowed me to learn and self-reflect at my own pace and the live workshop helped me to synthesize this learning while connecting with other educators doing the same work. I now feel better equipped to navigate a variety of coaching conversations to meet the needs of my teachers and ultimately help them to meet the needs of their students and families. I also feel more empowered as a coach, educator, and person to speak my truths in a compassionate manner as we work for justice and equity for all humans.”

Cori M., virtual participant

“This was a life changing training.”

Ari, coach, Oakland

“Attend to continue to grow in both your coaching and humanity. There was so much valuable space created for reflection, learning, growth, and community.”

virtual participant, June 2020