The Art of Coaching Teams 101

Learn strategies for building a thriving, resilient, learning team that gets stuff done


Many successful educators find themselves in leadership roles without substantive training on leading teams. Based on Elena’s best-selling book, The Art of Coaching Teams, this learning experience provides a framework and tools to lead an engaged, high-functioning team. Participants will learn to lead and facilitate teams with an understanding of adult learning theory, execute the administrative tasks that will keep their team thriving, cultivate their team’s emotional resilience to combat cynicism, and keep their team centered on their shared vision and purpose.

This is a practical, hands-on workshop that blends technical skills with more complex theories that are vital for a thriving, resilient team. Participants will see these strategies modeled, have time to reflect on their own practice, and be given an opportunity to process the skills they’re learning in a live format. Anyone who leads a team will benefit from this workshop, and will leave more confident in their ability to guide their team to new heights. Learners will feel like they are able to effectively lead teams through understanding the power of purpose in teamwork and leadership; they will feel grounded in the practical tools that help them to build inclusive, emotionally intelligent teams who get incredible work done—so they can transform their organizations. They will recognize the importance of how to balance self work and team work, so they can be courageous and resilient with any challenge they face.


Participants will:

  • Understand and explore the characteristics of great teams and what makes a team effective
  • Operate with the commitment and skills to foster a trusting, inclusive team culture
  • Identify a process and develop steps to ensure your team has a clear, shared purpose
  • Refine your listening skills
  • Build your emotional intelligence and practice ways to build the emotional intelligence of your team
  • Increase your capacity to plan purposeful meetings
  • Hone your ability to reframe and respond to resistance

Activities include

  • Reflecting on your purpose and the purpose of your team
  • Designing an agenda that aligns with principles of adult learning
  • Creating your own trust building plan
  • Observing and role playing multiple options for responding to resistant behavior
  • Grounding yourself in your leadership strengths and clarify your purpose and hopes for your team
  • Improving your ability to listen deeply and listen for new understanding
  • Reflecting on and plan for building a more inclusive team
  • Engaging in a protocol to apply new learning to give and receive support with a teams-related dilemma

Who should attend

Anyone who facilitates a team—whether you hold a formal position of authority or you manage a body of work through lateral leadership.


Participants must have a copy of The Art of Coaching Teams. This book is required to participate and is not included in the registration fee.


We currently offer two formats for The Art of Coaching Teams 101 workshop. Review additional details below to select the appropriate format for your learning:

Option 1: BLENDED LEARNING FORMAT (offered in July 2022):

~7-9 hours of on-demand learning that can be done on your own timeline
~4 hour virtual-live workshop with a short break in between two learning blocks

Option 2: 2-DAY VIRTUAL-LIVE FORMAT (offered in September 2022):

~1-2 hours of self-paced pre-work to complete before the live workshop begins
~8 hour virtual-live workshop over the course of 2 days (each live session is a total of 4 hours long with a short break in between two learning blocks)

Note: All sessions, regardless of format, will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch at a later time. Course access is available for up to 30 days after the virtual-live session to help supplement learning.

What people say

Coaching teams can be overwhelming and yet this course makes it feel possible and inspiring. The tools are very relevant and will support meaningful work as I lean into this role. Learning in a hybrid format – first individually asynchronously and then together in a synchronous live session – was so much more valuable than attending a full-day live workshop where the amount of learning/input can max out my cognitive load. The self-paced online modules allowed me to deeply think about content over time before joining the live session. Having time to learn with others provided the human connection I so needed to process key learnings. This was so wonderful!


The Art of Coaching Teams left me feeling renewed and energized. I loved being able to connect with educators across the country and learn from one another during our live session. I love the balance of listening, reflection and talk time. I was fully engaged and present throughout because the work was meaningful and the human-to-human connections were real. Everyone in education who works on a team (so everyone in education) should attend this workshop!


Every learning opportunity I have taken from Bright Morning has been insightful and valuable. 10 truths about building teams is clear and concise! Content flowed so nicely with plenty of breakout time. Facilitation and production was easy and low stress for participants. I’m grateful! This experience really met my needs today – thank you!

workshop participant