Transformational Conversation Accelerator

Level up with an intensive day of learning and feedback with A coaching expert


This workshop is for anyone who has attended a workshop with us, and is now asking, “What’s next?! How can I keep developing my coaching skills?” What you need is practice. But practice alone doesn’t make perfect: we know you need to see what effective Transformational Coaching looks like, you need guided practice, and you need feedback. And perhaps you could use a new skill or two in your tool box.

The Transformational Conversations Accelerator is an exclusive learning experience that provides all of that and more. In this coaching clinic you will experience quick cycles of learning, application and feedback. Attend and watch your skills spring to the next level! In addition, this highly interactive workshop is designed based on the principles of adult learning and participants experience exceptional facilitation.

Those who deliver professional development will leave this workshop having learned as much about facilitating PD as they did about coaching.


Participants will:

  • Explore how to incorporate the Coaching Lenses in a coaching conversation
  • Observe exemplary Transformational Coaching and what makes it effective
  • Receive targeted constructive feedback on your coaching practice
  • Develop self-awareness and gain confidence as coaches and leaders
  • Grow in community with other transformational coaches

Activities include

  • Observing and deconstructing masterful coaching
  • Learning how to integrate the coaching lenses into a conversation
  • Practicing coaching conversations via mini-role plays and group role plays (yes, be prepared for lots of role plays!)

Who should attend

Participants in this intensive must have attended one of our coaching workshops (for example, The Art of Coaching 101 is strongly encouraged to take in advance).

Effective 2022, this learning experience is a special offering, exclusively available to our All-Inclusive, Transformational Coach, and Transformational Conversations Accelerator members. It is not available for individual purchase. Click here to learn more about our 2022 membership options.

For groups: If you’re enrolled in this workshop with others from your organization/school, please keep in mind that during the virtual-live engagement you’ll be in breakouts with other learners outside of your organization. We will not be able to accommodate specific requests for breakouts. 


Participants in this experience must have attended one of our coaching workshops and they must have a copy of The Art of Coaching Workbook. This book is required for participation in the Intensive and is not included in the registration fee.


Transformational Conversations Accelerators are one power-packed day of learning. Our facilitators designed a day of rigorous, scaffolded, meaningful practice for us! The day will include a larger break, along with shorter breaks included organically when the time is needed.

What people say

I think my coaching improved more in just one day than it has in one year. The structure and pace of the day pushed me to practice and internalize new learning so quickly.


There’s nothing like taking a day to dig into your coaching craft. It is a gift to have an entire morning and afternoon to explicitly focus on the intricacies of adult learning and coaching. Seeing Elena live and in action is invaluable, especially with how she takes us “behind the curtain” – appreciate the debriefs very much. Thank you for valuing your coaching community of learners, Bright Morning!


I’ve been trained in other coaching methods, but this workshop totally blew me away in the clarity and precision with which it was delivered. Thank you, Elena! You are an incredible teacher and facilitator.


From the first 30 minutes, I felt magic, like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Elena is a MASTER presenter and facilitator. She brings a human touch to the work and situates it very squarely within the systems of oppression we all live within; masterfully weaving into the training the idea that transformational coaching is social justice.