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This webpage offers a variety of documents that can help both new and seasoned coaches better serve their clients.

Many documents are from Elena’s book The Art of Coaching, but we’ve included some additional tools not found in the book. Click from the list below to jump to a category of documents or download the entire set of documents using the button below.

The Art of Coaching Reader’s Guide

The Art of Coaching Reader’s Guide is a collection of guiding questions that will enrich your experience with the text. It’s great if both for independent readers and those who are using the book with group.

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Tools from The Art of Coaching

For Planning & Reflection:

For Observation and Debriefs:

For Conversations with Clients:

For Coach Development:

For Hiring:

Additional Tools
(Not found in The Art of Coaching)

For Planning & Reflection:

For Conversations with Clients:

* These resources are from the Onward Workbook.

For Coach Development:

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Coaching Emotions

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