Content Use Policy

Please use our content. Thoughtfully.  

We want to support others to interrupt inequities, build resilient communities, and heal and transform the world. This is why we choose to offer so much of our online content (tools, handouts and audio available here) for you to use for educational, professional, and personal use. In return for the use of our content, we ask that you use them thoughtfully.

Our general rule of thumb for requests to use our content is to ask for thoughtfulness in your decision-making. If you get to the point where you are using significant pages or resources from books and workbooks, not available online, we ask that you instead purchase a copy for each participant.

There are not firm lines here as we do what we can to continue making our resources as accessible as possible to support learning, and also allowing Elena and Bright Morning the ability to thrive and continue creating.

Attribution and Branding

In every instance of content use, include an attribution to Bright Morning Consulting/Elena Aguilar.

If you don’t alter, or minimally alter, the form of the handouts (use your judgement) , the attribution will read: “Created by Bright Morning Consulting.”

If you don’t alter the content please maintain the Bright Morning branding.

If you significantly modify the handouts (use your judgement), the attribution will read: “Adapted from Bright Morning Consulting.”

For all audio and video use, the attribution will read: “Created by Bright Morning Consulting.”

If you combine our content with content from any other source, clearly attribute all sources content was derived from.

Limitation: Do Not Sell Our Content.

Bright Morning reserves the sole right to sell, or sell access to, any and all of our content, either individually or in combination with one another.