Elena Aguilar and Her Books

How is Elena’s name pronounced?

Can I use Elena’s materials or do I need to get permission from her or her editor?

Please review our Content Use Policy.

We are interested in ordering your books in bulk. Can we get a discount from you?

If you are looking to order 50+ books, we may be able to arrange a discounted rate. Please email accounts@brightmorningteam.com to share your bulk order needs. You can also contact Victoria Finley (vfinley@wiley.com) at Jossey-Bass to order directly from the publisher.

We’d like to preview the books to see if they are a good fit for our program. Can you send us copies of your books?

We’re so glad you’re interested in Elena’s books. Unfortunately, we don’t receive any discounts or have stock to share. If you want to preview the books, you’ll need to order a copy for yourself through your preferred book source. You’re invited to support Elena and our team further by purchasing through our Bookshop.org affiliate page. Your purchase will also support independent bookstores nationwide!

Elena is presenting at our upcoming event. Where can I find Elena’s bio and photo?

Check out Elena’s Media Kit.

I have copies of The Art of Coaching, The Art of Coaching Teams, Onward, Coaching for Equity, and The PD Book. How can I access copies of the included resources?

Check out our free tools.

Troubleshooting Questions

Troubleshooting can be frustrating, so we’re sharing these tips and common solutions as a starter guide for Thinkific and Zoom.

Visit our Troubleshooting Tips webpage for the full guide. Reach out to support@brightmorningteam.com for further support.

Bright Morning Workshops

How can I learn about upcoming offerings?

We announce new offerings via our newsletter. You can sign up here. To view our current events calendar, visit our Upcoming Events section.

How do I sign up for workshops?

If you’re a Bright Morning member, please visit your membership course within Thinkific to access step-by-step instructions on how to register for a workshop using your specific membership coupon code.

If you want to pay online with your credit card, you can enroll by clicking the event you are interested in under Upcoming Events. The event page has a button at the top to pay by credit card.

If you want to enroll in a workshop and pay by invoice or PO, please use our Pay By Invoice/PO form. Groups of 6+ paying together should also use this method to receive the group discount.

Are your workshops appropriate for people who aren’t coaches? Is it helpful for teachers and administrators?

If you support other adults in any capacity, if you are responsible in any way for their learning and development, then yes, these workshops will be useful to you. Many of us use coaching strategies when supporting colleagues when mentoring or when supervising others. These workshops are about how we can help others learn and develop.

Which workshop should I attend first: The Art of Coaching or The Art of Coaching Teams? Does it matter?

Start with whichever workshop feels most applicable to your immediate needs. 

While The Art of Coaching workshop does offer many of the foundational skills for leading teams, The Art of Coaching Teams workshop addresses challenges specific to team leaders (navigating conflict, leading team meetings, decision making, developing team culture, etc.) that provide an immediate boost and much needed support.

If you would like to start with The Art of Coaching Teams workshop, we’d encourage you to consider engaging with The Art of Coaching (introduction and Chapters 1-2) to help familiarize yourself with Elena Aguilar’s model of Transformational Coaching. In addition, listen to episode 174 of The Bright Morning Podcast as Elena shares the six elements that define her approach.

Should I read the book before attending a workshop?

While you can attend any of our workshops without having read the corresponding book (unless mentioned in the pre-work overview), participants report that the workshop experience is more meaningful when they have read at least some in advance.

For all of our coaching workshops, we encourage you to read the Introduction and Chapters 1-2 of The Art of Coaching. You will most likely want to bring your copy of the book to the workshop because different sections are referenced and you can use it as a resource. Some workshops do require you to have your own copy of one of Elena’s books so please take note of prework and course requirements.

I can’t attend the full virtual session I’m interested in. Will the session be recorded?

Not a problem! We understand that schedules are dynamic. We do record most of our learning sessions (excluding time spent in breakout spaces) and make these accessible to registrants for a limited time after the live learning experience. Please note that our tiny operations team strives to upload within 48 hours of a session conclusion. If your specific workshop will not be recorded such as Transformational Coaching Accelerators (TCAs) it will be noted in your Thinkific course.

Do you provide accessibility accommodation?

Bright Morning strives to provide universal access to all of our events. We offer a range of accommodations for participants with disabilities informed by an accessibility audit we conducted with an external organization in 2022. You can learn more by visiting our Accessibility Services page.

Can I record your workshop and/or keynote?

We ask that you refrain from videotaping in order to protect the integrity of the experience and our intellectual property. We do welcome you to take and share pictures!

Do you provide financial assistance or scholarships?

We provide reduced registration fees for the small number of members of our community that would be unable to take part in our learning experiences due to the cost being prohibitive. For full details, visit our Financial Assistance page.

We also know many of you are living and working within districts/schools that are not allowing you to participate in equity trainings. If this applies to you, but you are committed to coaching for equity and want to learn with us, we want to help. We’ve created a scholarship fund to ensure you aren’t denied the professional development you need. Learn more.

What is your cancelation policy? Am I able to transfer my registration?


  • 10 or more days prior to the event – Full refund
  • Less than 10 days prior to the event – No refund
  • Memberships, course bundles like Transformational Coaching Accelerators, or application-based programs, such as the BIPOC Leaders’ PLC, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Note: Your registration may be transferred to someone else, or transferred to a future learning experience at any time prior to the start of the learning experience you are registered for with no penalty attached. Missed learning experiences are non-refundable and non-transferable. Transformational Coaching Accelerators are non-transferable. 

In the rare event that Bright Morning does not receive enough interest in this offering to host it as scheduled, we will provide an alternative learning pathway for all registrants or honor refunds for those who cannot join the alternate experience.

To request a transfer to another learner, the registrant must email support@brightmorningteam.com at least two business days before the workshop start date with the details below. The transfer may take two or more days to be completed.

  • Registrant’s details (first and last name and email address)
  • Workshop details (title and workshop start dates)
  • New registrant details (first and last name and email address)

Accommodating Participants with Disabilities: Bright Morning strives to provide universal access to all of our events. Please contact support@brightmorningteam.com as soon as possible to request disability accommodations. Advanced notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs. A full refund will be issued, and the registration will be canceled without penalty if we are unable to provide satisfactory accommodations. You can learn more by visiting our Accessibility Services page. 

I attended a workshop, and the materials and videos were great. Is there a way I can get them to show my group

We’re sorry, but we don’t share our materials outside our workshops.

Certificate of Completion and Credits

I attended a workshop and need documentation of my attendance. Is there a way I can get a certificate of completion?

Yes, you may use our certificate of completion template. Learn how on our Certificate of Completion page.

Can I earn credits for participating in Bright Morning workshops?

Yes! If you learn with us in any of our 2023 workshops, you are now eligible to submit your certificate of completion to redeem two university graduate-level professional development semester credits! This gives you the opportunity to advance on the salary scale and to renew credentials in conjunction with participating in our learning opportunities.

Learn more about receiving these credits from our partner, Courses4Teachers via the University of the Pacific. Contact Course4Teachers with your questions at courses4teachers@courses4teachers.net.