Financial Assistance

At Bright Morning, we are committed to doing all we can to support our community members to make every conversation count in pursuit of more just, equitable and resilient communities.   

Part of that commitment means we take a very intentional approach to the pricing of our offerings. The price points for our training are comparable to others who provide high-quality professional development in the education sphere. They reflect our commitment to ensuring our offerings are of exceptional quality and accessible while also ensuring we can meet the needs of our small business and continue to expand our impact.

While cost is not a limiting factor for prospective participants in most circumstances, we recognize that is not always the case and that there are instances where it is prohibitive. 

Given structural racism and systemic oppression, we also know that power, access and wealth are far from evenly distributed. As a result, we pay special attention to communities who have been historically marginalized and are steadfast in our commitment to remove barriers to access our offerings for these individuals. 

We do this through providing work trade (at our in-person experiences) as well as financial assistance for registration fees. We work individually with the small number of members of our community that would be unable to take part in our events due to the cost being prohibitive to make individual arrangements. On average participants requesting a reduced rate pay ~75% of the full-price fee. We trust our community, and we know when someone tells us they have a need that they are operating with integrity. As one of our favorite quotes goes, “without trust, there can be no relationship,” and we choose to be in a relationship with you. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you would be unable to attend a Bright Morning event at the published rate due to financial hardship there are options to support you: 

  • Many past participants in similar situations have also had great success having their registrations fully funded by their school, organization, PTA/Os as well as through Donors Choose. We have created a letter template you can modify to support you in making such a request. Due to our limited resources, we request that all efforts are made to have your organization cover the cost of attending before requesting financial assistance from Bright Morning. 
  • Our in-person events have a Work Trade ticket option. This allows a small number of participants to receive 50% off registration in exchange for providing on-the-ground support at the event (such as staffing the registration table, helping with lunch set-up, etc.).
  • For virtual learning experiences, simply complete the form below and a team member will be in touch.