Troubleshooting Tips

Proactive tips (and simple fixes) for your technology needs.

Troubleshooting can be frustrating, so we’re sharing these tips and common solutions as a starter guide for Thinkific and Zoom. If you’re using your own personal device, most issues can be resolved with just a few steps! If you’re using an organization- or school-issued device, you may need extra support from your IT admin.

No matter what, you can count on our team to support your learning! Connect with us at to explain what support you need. By sharing screenshots and context, you’ll help us better understand what issue you’re experiencing.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to resolve a high volume of technical requests from learners around the world.

Thinkific—Our Trusted Learning Platform!

Performing best in chrome and firefox

Have you tried this? If you’re experiencing unexpected behavior in Thinkific, this is most often a browser issue. Thinkific performs best in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox and in a private or incognito window, which opens a fresh browser window without any extensions or settings blocking your content.

Using Thinkific

Thinkific is a browser-based app, which means sometimes you’ll run into issues that are browser specific. The learning platform uses internet browsers every day, and it’s good to be aware of common browser-related issues that you might come across.

Common firewall issues:

As a security best practice, Thinkific has increased the security of its platform and it’s likely that your school or organization has too!

If you’re experiencing a malware warning upon clicking a Thinkific URL this is almost always because of firewalls on the organization- or school-issued devices or networks. Try this:

  • If you have tech support, connect with your IT team directly. Let them know you’re having a firewall issue, provide a screenshot and the URL, and the context of why you need access (the link goes to a learning platform for professional development needs).
  • If you’re using Microsoft 365, try enabling Safe Links in the Microsoft settings. If using an issued device, you may still need your IT administrator to authorize setting changes.

If you’re experiencing an error/server message upon clicking a Thinkific PDF link this is almost always because of the browser. Try this:

  • Try a different browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Clear your browsing data (aka refresh your cache) or update your browser to the latest version

Profile and Password

Your Thinkific account is created using your name and email address. If you’re a new user, you’ll create a password upon registration.


  • If you were registered for a workshop by a colleague online or through our Pay By Invoice/PO form, you should have received a course access email from This email includes an express sign-in URL associated with your email address.
  • Please check your spam/junk folder and search emails from When you find it, click on your express sign-in URL and type in your username (the email address associated with your registration). You will then be prompted to create a password if you are new to learning with us.
  • If you aren’t seeing this email, it’s possible that firewalls are blocking content. Please add to your address book and then email support@brightmorningteam requesting your course access email.
  • If you still don’t receive an email in your inbox or your spam/junk folder, our team will create a password for you.


  • Follow these steps to reset your password. Within a few minutes, you should receive the password reset email from or
  • If you don’t receive an email in your inbox or your spam/junk folder, it’s possible that firewalls are blocking emails. Let us know at Our team may need to reset the password for you.


For security reasons in this platform, only learners can manage their billing and credit card information.

Course Access, Expirations, and Certificates of Completion

From time to time, our learners have trouble finding their courses. If you’re experiencing this too, we’re sharing common reasons below. If you’re enrolled in a private workshop, it’s possible that your learning resources are not housed within Thinkific.


Most often, this is because of two scenarios:

The course has expired. Bright Morning courses are available for a limited time for learning and reflection. Courses with live sessions typically expire 30 days after the final live session.

The course is linked to a different Thinkific account. You (or the person who registered you) might have registered for the course under a different email address or the email address was misspelled during registration. Try this:

  • Find out what email address was used for your registration (You can review your welcome/course confirmation email from
  • Then, log out of Thinkific completely and log back in with the appropriate email address.
  • If after logging in to Thinkific, you get to the same account (under Profile, you can see the email address associated with your account), it’s possible that you set up your browser to automatically save your login/password. Try a different browser to log in. Contact us at for further assistance.


Courses are immediately available upon online registration. You’ll find access information in your welcome email from

Learners have continued access to their course for up to 30 days after the final virtual session. We hope this provides you with ample time for your learning! If you can’t access your initial welcome email or log into Thinkific, contact us at

Where TO FIND SESSION recordings AND When TO expect access

Most of our public learning sessions (excluding time spent in breakout spaces) are recorded. Note: Our private trainings are not recorded.

  • These are accessible to registrants for a limited time after the live learning experience. If your course has a recording, you can find a chapter in your Thinkific course titled “Session Recording(s).”
  • We strive to upload recordings within 48 hours of a virtual session conclusion. The video will expire along with the course after 30 days.
  • Closed captions are available for replays.
    • To turn on this feature in Thinkific, click the cc icon at the bottom right corner of the video display.
    • Online course modules for prework do not currently have closed captions as a feature. We are in the process of exploring ways to make these more accessible. 


Bright Morning does not share these virtual engagement materials. Learning packets or other digital resources are available in the course under “Session Materials.”

Explore Content Use Policy →

HOW CAN I RECEIVE a certificate of completion?

Our certificates are available within the Thinkific course before your course expires. 

To receive a certificate, you’ll need to track your progress by clicking the “Complete and Continue” button at the bottom of each page as you review the content. Once you’ve completed all the sections, a chapter will appear at the end of the course. We highly recommend downloading and saving your certificate on your personal device for your records.

Please note that this is available only through your course expiration. Courses remain available for up to 30 days after the virtual session. Should you need further assistance, please email

Zoom—Our trusted meeting platform

Have you tried this?

If you’re experiencing unexpected behavior in Zoom, this is most often an issue with not having the latest version or not using a computer for meetings. Please download the latest version from Zoom’s website to ensure the security and full functionality of the features used in our live learning. Sign in to our meetings via a computer instead of a mobile device or tablet. 

Accessing Zoom Meeting

I’ve tried to log in but it’s requiring me to join through the web client.

Our live sessions are highly interactive and use many features like breakout sessions. Anyone joining the session who does not have a Zoom client version 5.8.6 or higher will be required to update to join the meeting or will need to join through the web client. We proactively share technology needs in the Thinkific “Welcome Start Here” section and in our event reminders. To download the latest version, visit Then, you will need to completely sign off Zoom and sign back in Zoom to reset.

I can’t find the Zoom link and passcode.

For most of our workshops, you can find all the Zoom details within your Thinkific course. Please sign in to Thinkific, locate your course, and go to the “Welcome: Start Here” section. On the “Save the Date” page you’ll see all the Zoom details. 

For participants in a private workshop, the Zoom information is located within your course documentation and communications that your event coordinator has shared.

For free webinars, the Zoom information is located in your confirmation email upon registration.

I’m stuck in the Zoom waiting room.

  • Start of meeting: Our presenters open up the Zoom space a few minutes early or on time. Please sit tight until you are admitted into the space. If you’ve been waiting in the room for more than 1 minute past the meeting start time, please double-check the start time of your learning experience (taking note of the different time zones). You might also try logging out and logging back in.
  • Arriving late to the meeting: Our presenters often enable the waiting room after 15 minutes into the session to reduce interruptions during coaching observations and group discussions. Please wait until you are admitted into the space. Our Zoom Ops Support will likely message you with an update to give you a sense of when you’ll be admitted. If arriving more than an hour late, it is likely that we’ll recommend you to engage via the replay instead since you may have missed foundational learning or instructions for role-play.

I can’t hear/see anything in the Zoom space! 

Often, a hard reset does the trick! Sign completely off of Zoom and log back in. Should that not work for you, check on your version of Zoom and download the latest version. Then, sign out of Zoom and sign back in to reset.

How can I adjust my Zoom settings? 

We proactively encourage participants to explore this Zoom participant controls article to learn how to use and adjust settings for: 

  • Renaming yourself and adding pronouns if you’d like
  • Turning on and off your video
  • Joining audio and muting and unmuting yourself (for use in breakout spaces)
  • Accessing closed captioning and live transcript
  • Accessing the chat box
  • Among other options

I have more zoom technical questions.

If you’re new to Zoom or looking for a refresher, we recommend Zoom’s Troubleshoot page which offers many ways to get additional support.