Upcoming Events

If you’re new to Bright Morning, we recommend starting with The Art of Coaching. You can also find detailed descriptions of our workshops on our Trainings page.

Want to bring Bright Morning to your group?
Check out the Bring Bright Morning to Your Organization page for how to get started.

Need help justifying training to your employer?
Use our customizable letter to help you draft the document you need.

If you learn with us in any of our 2023 workshops, you are now eligible to submit your certificate of completion to redeem two university graduate-level professional development semester credits! This gives you the opportunity to advance on the salary scale and to renew credentials in conjunction with participating in our learning opportunities. Learn more about receiving these credits from our partner, Courses4Teachers via University of the Pacific.

Missing part of a live experience?
Not a problem! We understand that schedules are dynamic. We record most of our learning sessions (excluding time spent in breakout spaces) and make these accessible to registrants for a limited time after the live learning experience. Transformational Coaching Accelerators are not recorded as the majority of time is spent in breakouts.

New offerings are announced and Registration opens on a quarterly basis:

  • Registration for offerings through March 2024 is now available.
  • Registration for April-June 2024 offerings will be launched this winter. Stay tuned!

Event Calendar

Friend of The Bright Morning PodcastVirtualJanuary 1 - December 31, 2023Details
Onward Book Club 2023-2024VirtualJune 1, 2023 - May 2, 2024Details
Transformational Coach Membership | July-December 2023VirtualJuly 1 - December 31, 2023Details
All-Inclusive Membership | July 2023-June 2024VirtualJuly 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerators Bundle | August-December 2023VirtualAugust 24 - December 14, 2023Details
Coaching For Equity | September-November 2023 – Registration closedVirtualSeptember 21 - November 3, 2023Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | September 2023VirtualSeptember 26, 2023Details
The Art of Coaching Emotions | September 2023VirtualSeptember 27-28, 2023Details
Live Coaching Demo – How to Start Coaching for Equity (FREE Webinar!)VirtualOctober 11, 2023Details
The Art of Coaching | October 2023VirtualOctober 12, 2023Details
The Art of Coaching Teams | October 2023VirtualOctober 24-26, 2023Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | October 2023VirtualOctober 26, 2023Details
A Taste of Coaching for Equity | November 2023VirtualNovember 14, 2023Details
The Art of Coaching | November 2023VirtualNovember 29, 2023Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | November 2023VirtualNovember 30, 2023Details
Artful Design and Facilitation | December 2023VirtualDecember 5-7, 2023Details
The Art of Coaching | December 2023 (two days)VirtualDecember 12-13, 2023Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | December 2023VirtualDecember 14, 2023Details
Transformational Coach Membership | January-June 2024VirtualJanuary 1 - June 30, 2024Details
All-Inclusive Membership | January-December 2024VirtualJanuary 1 - December 31, 2024Details
The Art of Coaching TeamsVirtualJanuary 17-19, 2024Details
The Art of CoachingVirtualJanuary 25, 2024Details
The Art of Coaching EmotionsVirtualJanuary 30-31, 2024Details
Artful Design and FacilitationVirtualFebruary 6-8, 2024Details
The Art of CoachingVirtualFebruary 13, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerators Bundle | February-June 2024VirtualFebruary 15 - June 18, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | February 2024VirtualFebruary 15, 2024Details
Coaching for EquityVirtualFebruary 27-29, 2024Details
The Art of Coaching (two days)VirtualMarch 5-6, 2024Details
The Art of CoachingVirtualMarch 20, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | March 2024VirtualMarch 21, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | April 2024VirtualApril 18, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | May 2024VirtualMay 22, 2024Details
Transformational Coaching Accelerator | June 2024VirtualJune 18, 2024Details