All-Inclusive Membership

year-long access to every virtual offering. On your schedule.


You have a vision for how your conversations, your coaching, and your leadership can transform your relationships, your organization and your impact.

You know achieving that vision requires learning and refining your practice. You crave the guidance of experts and the support of a like-minded community.

Our All-Inclusive Membership is designed to make your vision a reality.

Transformational Coaching and Leadership is an art form that requires constant learning and evolving of one’s practice.

For years we have seen the most transformational growth happen with our participants who take part in multiple learning experiences. We’ve also felt the tension of tightening budgets and challenging professional development fund approval processes that have prevented eager learners from continuing to engage with us at the levels they would like.

Your Bright Morning All-Inclusive membership solves for this by providing you with an all-inclusive pass to take part in as many of our virtual offerings as you’d like for an entire year.

Purchase All-Inclusive Memberships for your entire team and engage together in sustained and meaningful shared learning experiences throughout the year.

This membership puts you firmly in control of your own learning. With all the flexibility and freedom to meet your unique needs…no matter how they might evolve.


All-Inclusive Memberships include access to the following virtual live offerings:

  • The Art of Coaching
  • The Art of Coaching Emotions
  • 10 Transformational Coaching Accelerators
  • The Art of Coaching Teams 
  • Coaching for Equity
  • Onward Year-long Book Club
  • Artful Design and Facilitation

Please note: All-Inclusive membership does not include access to Friend of the Podcast (more details can be found here) or application-based programs like the BIPOC Leaders’ PLC.


Anyone ready to transform their leadership and/or coaching practice


There are no prerequisites for this membership.

Participants are required to have a copy of our books for many of our workshops. Books are not included in the registration fee and must be acquired separately. Individual workshop pages have information on the book(s) required for the session.


Our All-Inclusive Membership is valid for one year. In order to better serve our community’s needs, you can choose from two access periods to best meet your individual needs:

  • All-Inclusive Membership | January – December 2023 which follows the calendar year – Registration Closed
  • All-Inclusive Membership | July 2023 – June 2024 which is designed to be more in line with the school year calendar


This incredible package valued at over $6,300 is yours for a one-time investment of $2,995.

For groups of 15 or more paying together, this package per individual is $2,495.

What People Say

I found Bright Morning after a colleague shared Onward as a resource to help my community build resilience. Shortly afterwards, I signed up for “Find Yourself and Thrive,” which was a monthly self-development program facilitated by Elena. I enjoyed the learning and the community. I wanted more and started to consider some of the offerings of Bright Morning. I decided to sign up for the membership program last year as it seemed like a good deal and I was interested in learning more about leading for equity. I signed up for everything! Here I was in coaching classes with no background at all in formal coaching. I was readily embraced by members of the community, who thought it was great I was taking a risk on trying something for which I had zero experience. I didn’t consider the impact it had on my capacity to listen and be fully present with others until I started to engage in more practice. I realized I had gained great skills that were making a huge difference in my capacity to lead. Additionally, the courses on equity were game-changers for my leadership focus. I use these learnings every day in my role as an administrator.

The level of skills I have attained in the past 2+ years have ignited my passion as a leader. I am in the process of developing a mentor/coaching program for my district and will be leading professional learning around equity. After 35 years in education, I feel rejuvenated and that I have a new sense of purpose. I will be eternally grateful for Bright Morning. You have been there when I needed you the most and have provided me with immense opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am grateful for Elena and for the dedication of her team to create world class trainings. I am humbled and blessed to have stretched and grown within the safety of this community.

Andrea M.

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