The Art of Coaching Emotions



The hardest thing about coaching is dealing with adult emotions. Overwhelm. Frustration. Fear. Resistance. All of these are predictable human experiences that can be found in abundance in our schools. 

When it comes to emotions at work, people usually fall into one of two camps: they suppress them or are overtaken by them. Both responses to emotions can lead to toxic cultures and fail to create environments where everyone is able to show up, be seen, and thrive. 

If we want joyful, resilient, and equitable places of learning, we must be adept at coaching emotions. If you want to be a Transformational Coach, you must be able to skillfully coach emotions. And in two days we can teach you how.

Move beyond the book:
This workshop will guide you in using a simple three-part framework to coach someone in understanding their emotions, processing them, and moving through them. You don’t need to be a therapist or have an extensive toolset to coach around emotions, and this workshop will show you how to do that. In addition, you’ll quickly see how coaching emotions can clear space for an educator to explore their practices and look at equity issues that might need attention.

More than skill building:
This workshop also provides you with an opportunity to connect with and learn from leaders around the world. As you process your learning and practice new strategies together, you’ll experience the potential of coaching emotions to create healthy, resilient communities. You’ll be amazed by the connections you will make in a short period of time and the inspiration you’ll find in this experience. You’ll return to your organizations feeling energized and hopeful about what can be done in schools, and about your potential for impact. 

New in 2023:
Your workshop enrollment now also includes complimentary access to two Transformational Coaching Accelerator (TCA) sessions. These TCA sessions take place during the two months immediately following the workshop date and provide the time to ensure workshop learnings continue to translate into skillful practice. If you want to be a Transformational Coach what you need is straightforward: structured space to practice and that’s exactly what you’ll get in your TCA sessions.

Hear from Elena


  • How to use a simple framework to navigate complex coaching conversations
  • How to respond when a client demonstrates strong emotions, and how to manage your own emotional response to their emotions
  • How coaching emotions can accelerate an educator’s growth and contribute to retention


Core workshop experience: The Art of Coaching Emotions

  • Prework [~3-5 hours minimum]
    • Your learning begins before your workshop session with a self-paced exploration of foundational knowledge and tools essential for coaching emotions. Elena has curated 3-5 hours of podcast episodes, readings, and coaching tools to engage with that will set you up to maximize your workshop experience. 
  • Live Learning [4 learning blocks, 8 hours total over two days]
    • This workshop is a 2-day experience during which you will come together with a Bright Morning facilitator and a community of coaches to process your learning, observe masterful coaching, engage in coaching role plays, and receive feedback to sharpen your practice. Each day has two learning blocks with an hour break in between. 

Bonus learning experiences: Transformational Coaching Accelerators 

  • TCA #1: Live Learning[2 learning blocks, 4 hours total]
    • One month later you will reconvene for a coaching practice session that allows you to apply your workshop learnings and expand your Transformational Coaching toolkit. These sessions also include everyone’s favorite activity – live coaching demonstrations. 
    • This is a 4-hour learning experience, divided into two 2-hour sessions. No prework is required for these sessions. 
  • TCA #2: Live Learning [2 learning blocks, 4 hours total]
    • One month later you will reconvene for a final practice session. Two months have passed since your initial workshop and it’s time to fine-tune your approach and layer on a few more Transformational Coaching tools. And, of course, observe a few more coaching demonstrations! 
    • This is a 4-hour learning experience, divided into two 2-hour sessions. No prework is required for these sessions.


  • Coaches, mentors, site leaders, teacher leaders, and organizational leaders
  • Anyone who wants to use coaching strategies to help another person grow and who recognizes that coaching emotions require additional skills and knowledge.


All participants must have access to The Art of Coaching Workbook (not included in the registration fee). The workbook is heavily utilized in the prework so it is essential this is obtained in advance of the workshop.

The live engagement takes place on Zoom and requires Zoom (5.12.2 or higher)*  and a computer. If you have access needs or accommodation requests, please email We will do our best to meet accessibility needs. 

*Currently Zoom does not allow for auto-captioning in breakout rooms, which we frequently use in workshops. Please let us know if you require captioning in all spaces to access learning.



All sessions will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch them at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the last session to help supplement learning.

What People Say

I found this to be a really impactful workshop and very relevant to our times. Watching Elena model the framework and then getting a chance to try it out ourselves was a really effective way to learn. Loved the structure of taking the overview then looking more closely at each part of ACE, the modeling, practice, etc. Thank you, Bright Morning team!

Yamini B.

The Art of Coaching Emotions is incredibly useful and fits well with Elena’s other books and Bright Morning’s other trainings. It’s also very important and applicable for many situations and positions right now, coaching/teaching aside.

Anyone who works with people this year—or works with people who work with people!—knows the impact and power of emotions. This class is a huge support in learning to interact with people and their emotions (as well as our own) in a healthy, transformative way.

Rebecca L.