The Art of Coaching Teams

Learn strategies for building a thriving, resilient, learning team that gets stuff done


Many successful educators find themselves in leadership roles without substantive training on leading teams. Does this sound familiar? 

Based on Elena’s best-selling book, The Art of Coaching Teams, this learning experience provides a framework and tools to lead an engaged, high-functioning team. You’ll learn to lead and facilitate teams with an understanding of adult learning theory, to execute the administrative tasks that will keep your team thriving, to cultivate your team’s emotional resilience to combat cynicism, and to keep your team centered on your shared vision and purpose.

This is a practical, hands-on workshop that blends technical skills with more complex theories that are vital for a thriving, resilient team. You’ll see strategies modeled, have time to reflect on your own practice, and process the skills you’re learning in a live format. You’ll leave this workshop feeling like you are able to effectively lead teams through understanding the power of purpose in teamwork and leadership; you’ll feel grounded in practical tools that help you to build inclusive, emotionally intelligent teams who get incredible work done; you’ll feel much better equipped to navigate conflict and decision-making; and you’ll feel anchored in your identity as a leader who is able to recognize the importance of self work and team work so you can be courageous and resilient. 

Move beyond the book:
If you want to facilitate teams that are resilient and get stuff done, you need guided practice. You need to understand a strategy, make meaning of it with others, see it modeled, and then practice it. That is what you’ll experience in this workshop. 

New and experienced coaches, teacher leaders, administrators, and facilitators will acquire new tools and strategies and gain invaluable insight into transformative methods to develop teams.

More than skill building:
This workshop also provides you with the space and community to bolster your own resilience. You’ll have time to slow down to reflect on who you are as a leader and who you want to be. Then you’ll have the opportunity to process in community and have meaningful conversations with leaders from across the globe. You’ll uncover new sources of internal energy and return to your work feeling energized, inspired to implement your learning, and be the leader you want to be. 

New in 2023:
The Art of Coaching Teams is now a three-day experience! Based on years of feedback from learners, we’ve expanded our The Art of Coaching Teams workshop to include a deep dive into transformational leadership, what makes a resilient leader, a comprehensive exploration of how to navigate conflict, and an experiential process to practice efficient decision-making in teams.

hear from elena


  • New strategies to respond to resistance
  • Transformative methods to foster a trusting, inclusive team culture
  • A process to ensure your team has a clear, shared purpose
  • The key to effective listening 
  • New ways to boost your emotional intelligence and build the emotional intelligence of your team
  • How to plan purposeful meetings
  • How to navigate conflict
  • Simple strategies to make decision-making easier


  • Self-Paced Prework [~4 hours minimum]
    • Your learning begins before your workshop sessions with a self-paced exploration of foundational knowledge and tools essential for leading thriving teams. 
  • Live Learning [6 learning blocks, 12 hours total]
    • This workshop is a three-day experience, each day consisting of two 2-hour learning blocks with an hour break in between. 
    • This workshop is highly interactive, allowing you to build skills and synthesize learning quickly. Activities include:
      • Reflecting on your purpose and the purpose of your team
      • Creating a trust-building plan
      • Observing and role-playing scenarios for coaching teams
      • Practicing transformative ways to respond to conflict 
      • Improving your ability to listen for new understandings
      • Exploring how to make decisions in a team


Anyone who facilitates a team—whether you hold a formal position of authority or you manage a body of work through lateral leadership.


All participants must have a copy of The Art of Coaching Teams (not included in the registration fee). The book is needed for the prework so it is essential to get the book in advance.

The live engagement takes place on Zoom and requires Zoom (5.12.2 or higher)*  and a computer. If you have access needs or accommodation requests, please email We will do our best to meet accessibility needs. 

*Currently Zoom does not allow for auto-captioning in breakout rooms, which we frequently use in workshops. Please let us know if you require captioning in all spaces to access learning.



All sessions will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch them at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the last session to help supplement learning.

What people say

Multiple days of training is a significant commitment because schedules are jam packed. But, the past days have been an investment in myself as a leader. I am walking away as a more mindful, purposeful, and thoughtful leader. Thank you!

Allegra M.

I am taking away leading with humanity and humility, and being more intentional in creating the conditions for my teams to work together in ways that are liberating and empowering for them. This includes how I show up, being aware of my emotional responses, and being able to share power during meetings.

Mari J.

Each session of The Art of Coaching Teams was well-organized for individual learning and processing and offered lots of opportunities to learn with and from other brilliant professionals around the country/globe. A key takeaway from this series for me was levels of empowerment as it relates to decision-making.

Jenna K.