Transformational Coach Membership

Our most comprehensive coach development plan


Do you aspire to be a Transformational Coach? 

Have you read The Art of Coaching or Coaching for Equity and thought, Yes. This is the type of development I want to provide. This is what educators need.  

Maybe you’ve read Elena’s books or listened to our podcast but you haven’t taken the next step and invested in a rigorous learning experience to translate that knowledge into skillful execution. 

You might be new to coaching or hoping to move into a coaching role and need to learn all of the things, and you’re craving an expert guide who can provide a structured learning pathway. 

If any of the above speaks to you, and you are ready to truly become a Transformational Coach, our Transformational Coach Membership is what you need.

Our most comprehensive coach development plan provides you with a scaffolded learning experience to journey through our core offerings over a series of months. That’s right: in six months you will have the foundation you need to utilize Transformational Coaching with confidence in your daily practice.  

What’s Included

Your Transformational Coach Membership includes access to the following virtual-live offerings:

  • The Art of Coaching 101: Our foundational workshop where you’ll solidify your understanding of Transformational Coaching and begin to build your toolkit 
  • The Art of Coaching Emotions: Under Elena’s guidance you’ll become adept at helping yourself and your clients navigate emotional terrain and build the resilience necessary to thrive  
  • The Art of Coaching Masterclass: This experience will simultaneously grow your community and toolkit. You’ll leave confident in employing a wide range of the most impactful Transformational Coaching strategies  
  • Coaching for Equity 101 and/or Coaching for Equity Masterclass: With a strong foundation in place, you’ll be able to dive into coaching beliefs and honing your awareness in noticing educational inequities and addressing them. Note: You can choose to engage in one or both of these workshops based on your needs
  • Transformational Conversations Accelerator: Finally, you’ll engage in intensive practice and receive targeted feedback to hone the focus for your development moving forward. 

Who is this for

Anyone looking to become a Transformational Coach. There are no pre-requisites for this membership.

This membership is for you if:

  • You want to save a lot of money. The membership is less than 50% of the cost of the individual workshops.  
  • You want to learn in a supportive community. Coaching can be a lonely role. Joining a membership cohort will help you find your people. That support will transcend the four months of the membership.
  • You want to be an effective coach ASAP. If you engage in these workshops over the course of 2-3 years vs. the ~6 months of the membership cohort, your coaching will be less impactful. This is both because the membership means you’re only 6 months (vs. years) away from skillful execution, and also because it means you will have developed fewer bad habits to unlearn.


Participants are required to have a copy of our books for many of our workshops. Books are not included in the registration fee and must be acquired separately. Individual workshop pages have information on the book(s) required for the session.


The Transformational Coach Membership is a six month program with two cohorts per year. In 2022, we’re offering the following cohorts:

  • January – June
  • July – December


This incredible package valued at over $4,000 is yours for a one-time investment of $1,995

What people say

These Transformational Coaching workshops really are a journey in which I have seen myself stretch and grow. I am so grateful to connect with educators in different capacities across the country and learn and be vulnerable with one another in a structured and supportive manner with a growing toolbox full of resources to refer to. Having the opportunity to practice what we are learning during the workshops and pre-work is imperative to bringing it back to our own professional capacities in the field.

Marley W. (Bright Morning Member)

This course was so beneficial to me as a leader – even if coaching isn’t the focus of your role. The skills introduced and practiced here are immediately applicable to improving your professional conversations with others.

Amy C. (Bright Morning Member)

Find the membership option that is right for you.