Transformational Coaching Accelerator Bundle



Are your coaching conversations short of transformational? 

Maybe you’re the one doing the heavy lifting. You might ask a good question but then find yourself adding in qualifiers. Perhaps you struggle with taking a confrontational stance when you know it’s really what your client needs. Or you’re still hesitant to explore emotions or dive into limiting beliefs. 

You can imagine the coach you want to become. Who you know you can become. But you’re not there yet. 

We can help you become that coach. 

If you’ve invested the time building your knowledge and learning about Transformational Coaching, what you need is straightforward: dedicated space to practice and receive targeted feedback combined with expert modeling and a few prioritized tools. 

What you need is our Transformational Coaching Accelerators. This offering is a monthly cohort experience for established coaches who want to truly level up their craft. This will transform your practice.

Here’s how: 

  • In these monthly sessions, you’ll fine-tune your conversations and gain proficiency in our highest leverage tools. 
  • You’ll do so in a supportive community of coaches committed to transformation. 
  • You’ll hone your awareness of your strengths and areas for growth as a Transformational Coach. While each learning session lasts one day, this knowledge will support your growth and impact in every conversation so you will continue to improve between sessions. 

Don’t settle for conversations that are “good enough.”

Move beyond the book:
If you have read Elena’s books and listen to our podcast, then your conceptual understanding of Transformational Coaching might be high. That matters. That is a strong foundation to build from. But if you want to be a Transformative Coach, you need to build and refine your skills in a rigorous learning environment. This is your chance!

More than skill building:
TCAs also provide you with two critical resilience-boosters: space and community. First, the chance to slow down, reflect on who you are as a coach, and remember what brought you into your role and this field. Then, the opportunity to learn in community, share wisdom, and form meaningful connections with coaches across the globe. You’ll leave with renewed energy, inspired to return to your school or organization to implement all that you have learned.

Hear from Elena


  • The most essential Transformational Coaching moves and tools 
  • Your strengths and areas for growth as a coach and leader
  • How you can improve your coaching skills through scaffolded practice with other committed learners


  • Each TCA is a four-hour virtual experience, divided into two two-hour learning blocks. No prework is required.
  • Sessions are highly interactive! You’ll be engaged from the first to last minute observing coaching demonstrations and practicing coaching conversations via mini role plays and group role plays (yes, be prepared for lots of role plays!).

February-June 2023 Bundle:

  • Thursday, February 23, 2023 (Creating the Conditions for Learning)
    • Disposition: Curiosity, Learner’s Orientation
    • Theme: The middle of the year is an important pause point to reflect on how we and our clients learn, change, and improve. During this month’s TCA, we will anchor our learning and growth in Elena Aguilar’s Transformational Coaching Rubric 2.0. From there, we will leverage tools like Mind the Gap and Principles of Adult Learning to most effectively create the conditions for individual and collective development.
  • Tuesday, March 28, 2023 (Bringing the “Play” to “Role-Play”)
    • Disposition: Curiosity, Learner’s Orientation
    • Theme: “What might be possible if…” is one of Elena’s favorite coaching stems. So what might be possible if you were able to put on new lenses to expand how you solve coaching dilemmas? Or if you were able to leverage a group of other coaches to help you get unstuck? Join this month’s TCA where we will engage in “start and stop” role plays where you will build fluency in The Coaching Lenses and additional visualization coaching strategies to bring the play to role-play.
  • Thursday, April 27, 2023 (Coaching to Release Control and Expand Possibilities)
    • Disposition: Trusting the Coaching Process, Courage
    • Theme: Change is constant. Coaching offers our clients invaluable opportunities to reflect on how they exert their energy during moments of transition and what stories they chose to tell themselves. Join us during this month’s TCA where we will invite our clients to recognize what is in their control and coach their ability to tell empowering, honest stories of self.
  • Wednesday, May 24, 2023 (Appreciating and Integrating a Year of Learnings)
    • Disposition: Compassion, Trust the Coaching Process 
    • Theme: What does it look like to create an honest and empowering space for educators to reflect on their learning journey during the ’22-’23 school year, while also helping them integrate those learnings into the upcoming school year? Join us during this month’s TCA as we leverage key tools from the Transformational Coaching Rubric. 2.0 to invite our clients into a place of hope and possibility.
  • Monday, June 26, 2023 (Fostering Clients’ Self-Awareness and Reflective Abilities)
    • Disposition: Humility and Mutuality
    • Theme: Self-awareness is a critical element of emotional intelligence…and one that is often underdeveloped. In this month’s TCA, we’ll explore how to invite our clients into the kind of reflection that allows them to see how they navigate the world and the world sees them. We will also pause to reflect on our growth during the TCA so far!

August-December 2023 Bundle:

  • Thursday, August 24, 2023 (Lessons Learned from Empowering Stories)
    • Disposition: Compassion, Trust the Coaching Process 
    • Theme: The start of the school year is a powerful moment to pause and reflect on both the past and upcoming school year. What is the story of last year our clients are telling? How do they feel about that story? What stories and lessons do we want our clients to intentionally carry forward into the coming school year? During this month’s accelerator, we will explore what type of empowering stories we can tell based on the lessons learned. This will help cultivate both our clients’ resilience and self-awareness.
  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023 (Building Community, Building Longevity)
    • Disposition: Learner’s Orientation, Courage
    • Theme: Supporting our clients in establishing strong relationships in the beginning of the year is both foundational and critical for their long-term success. They need to build relationships with you, their students, or their colleagues. Why? Many of us know teachers don’t leave strong communities, and students thrive in strong communities teachers stay in. During this accelerator, we will explore what it looks like to support our clients in seeing the strengths in their relationships and communities, in order to support their resilience and retention.
  • Thursday, October 26, 2023 (Shifting Clients Back to Empowerment)
    • Disposition: Trusting the Coaching Process, Courage
    • Theme: “I thought this year would be different…” is what many coaches hear their clients saying. When expectations are different from reality, it is important to help our clients navigate the emotions they are experiencing and explore how to move forward in a way that is supportive for themselves and students. Join us during this month’s accelerator to learn and practice ways for inviting your clients to recognize what is in their control.
  • Thursday, November 30, 2023 (Releasing Resistance)
    • Disposition: Curiosity, Compassion
    • Theme: Are you experiencing what you perceive to be resistance in your coaching relationships? Many of us are wondering how we support our clients, but because of resistance, it feels like we are unable to answer that question. During our accelerator, we will explore the origins of resistance and how we can coach our clients to a place of ease. 
  • Thursday, December 14, 2023 (Energizing Empowerment (Not Toxic Positivity) 
    • Disposition: Humility and Mutuality, Curiosity
    • Theme: Many of us as coaches seek to balance validating the difficult experiences of our clients, while also helping them see the real bright spots in their practice and community. The close of the Gregorian calendar year can be a real opportunity to invite clients into a state of reflection and empowerment, without glossing over the hard. Join us for this accelerator as we explore how to shift our clients from disempowerment to energized, so we can enter into January strong!


TCAs are the next step for those who have previously engaged in at least one of our coaching workshops and want to take their coaching to the next level.

For groups: If you’re enrolled in this workshop with others from your organization/school, please keep in mind that during the virtual engagement you’ll be in breakouts with other learners outside of your organization. We will not be able to accommodate specific requests for breakouts. 


Participants in this experience must have attended one of our coaching workshops, and they must have a copy of The Art of Coaching Workbook (not included in the registration fee). The Art of Coaching is also recommended for understanding the foundations of Transformational Coaching but is not strictly required for TCA learners. If you’re new to Transformational Coaching, start with The Art of Coaching workshop.


This learning experience is exclusively available as a course bundle. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Complimentary access to two TCA sessions can also be obtained by registering for either The Art of Coaching or The Art of Coaching Emotions workshops in 2023. Participants in these workshops receive complimentary access to the TCA sessions taking place the two months immediately following their virtual learning experience. 

What people say

The Transformational Conversations Accelerator is like a booster shot for my practice! I feel supported, full of good practice and excellent ideas. I made some great connections with amazing coaches from all over the country (and beyond!).

Tina M.

Centering equity and systems of oppression are important to doing a lot of the work and as coaches we need to be able to acknowledge and name those things first to ourselves. I am also glad for the role play and opportunities to practice. I always walk away with practical skills and new understandings of myself as a coach and a leader.

Yom F.

I feel like each time we have our TCA course I walk away empowered, inspired and with more tools to try in my coaching role. I am grateful to have the support from amazing coaches in my class. I think just having lots of time to role play is so beneficial to our practice!

Annie S.