Bright Morning Podcast

The Bright Morning Podcast, hosted by Elena Aguilar, explores the many ways we can cultivate courage.
In some episodes, Elena has conversations with guests who reveal the risks they’ve taken and the courage they’ve built. On other episodes, Elena masterfully coaches her guests towards fulfilling their life’s purpose.
These intimate and authentic conversations inspire listeners to listen to their own callings and take action in their lives. But they provide even more: they model how we can have conversations that count, and how we can guide others to listen to their inner voice and cultivate courage. Listeners will use these communication skills with their colleagues, clients and loved ones. This is a podcast about listening and being fully present with other people, and it’s a podcast about how we live a fulfilling, meaningful life.

What listeners are saying…

Elena Aguilar is a force in conversations about school leadership, teams, and equity. To read her books and attend her workshops is some of the best professional development you can ask for. Only one episode in, I can already tell these podcasts will stay with me for weeks, months, years, as I think about how we can build a more equitable world through schools. The hard work involves countless daily interactions and conversations, and Elena helps model and ask questions about how to do that best.


I’m so glad I got to binge on this podcast this long weekend before starting the new school year. It’s a niche that I have not found, and I find these episodes so enriching and rejuvenating. I feel more in community with other educators who are grappling with tough questions re: equity, leadership, etc. Thank you for your work, Elena!


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Episode 87: Behind the Design: Coaching Strong Emotions

This is a Behind the Designs episode in which Elena pulls back the curtain to provide expert advice on holding spaces for transformation. Today she’s sharing the strategy you need for coaching clients who are experiencing strong emotions. 

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Episode 89: REPLAY Virtual Reality: Confronting Self-Doubt

This week we are replaying an earlier coaching conversation with Kathrina Mendez, a teacher in California we first met in episode 2. 

This was the second coaching conversation between Elena and Kathrina. In it Elena uses the ACE framework discussed in last week’s episode as she supported Kathrina in her quest for growing self-compassion and implementing power doses of self-care. 
The ACE framework is one that has been utilized in many of the coaching conversations episodes, including one we will be replaying next week: Virtual Reality: Confronting Self Doubt.  

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Episode 88: REPLAY: How to Ace Your Coaching Conversations

This week we are replaying an earlier coaching tools episode where Elena provides an overview of the ACE framework, one of the core strategies for coaching resilience. 

The ACE framework is one that has been utilized in many of the coaching conversations episodes, including one we will be replaying next week: Virtual Reality: Confronting Self Doubt.  

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Episode 86: Coaching Conversation: Addressing Race-Based Opportunity Gaps

On today’s episode Elena coaches an instructional coach who works at a school that is the top performing high school in the state where despite their considerable success, students of color are being underserved. While this reality is known and discussed at the district and school-wide level, disparities are not being addressed at the individual classroom level. Elena’s coachee wants to change that and asked to be coached to figure out what is holding her back and how to consistently coach with an equity lens. Together the two discuss 7 foundational steps to take to begin building her foundation for coaching for equity. 

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Episode 85: You Want to Coach for Equity? Start Here.

In this Coaches’ Corner episode Elena shows up as your coach and expertly guides you through some exercises and prompts to consider if you are looking to coach for equity. 

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Episode 84: Kicking Off Coaching Relationships in 2021-22

How do you approach a coaching role in a new (largely undefined) coaching program? This was the question today’s coachee brought to Elena for this coaching episode. 

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Episode 83: Coaching Conversation: How Do I Set Our Coaching Program Up for Success?

How do you approach starting a new coaching program? Today Elena shares her advice for what you need to consider on the front-end to set your coaching program up for success.

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Episode 82: Coaching Conversation: Creating Space

Today on the podcast Elena coaches a former principal turned regional administrator in a power packed 30-minute conversation. The two thought they were going to be focusing on navigating conflict but you’ll hear how with one insightful question the focus shifts to providing the space to reflect on the past turbulent year and what is possible when emotions are explored and we root in our individual and collective experiences.   

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Episode 81: Three Tips for Navigating Conflict

Today Elena pulls back the curtain on three of her own experiences navigating conflict: with a co-worker, a managee and a manager. She shares her top three tips and one important awareness to hold if you are looking to skillfully navigate conflict in your life and relationships.

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Episode 79: Quarterly Wisdom: What Makes a Conversation Transformational

This is a Quarterly Wisdom episode. Today Elena explores two foundational understandings that are essential if you want to have conversations that allow for transformational and deep connection. First, what the phrase “every conversation counts” means and how it is a core belief of every Transformational Coach. Next, what a Transformational Coach must believe about their role relative to their coachee and what we often see getting in the way of that being a reality.

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