The Art of Coaching



If you want to see sustained changes in practice, your coaching must go below the surface of addressing behaviors (delivering instruction, analyzing data, etc.). Transformation requires taking a holistic approach and skillfully exploring someone’s beliefs and ways of being. This approach is what defines Transformational Coaching. Transformational Coaches also operate from two truths: that every conversation is an equity conversation, and if people are present, so are their emotions. 

If you want to begin your journey or grow your skills as a Transformational Coach, The Art of Coaching workshop is where you should begin. Based on Elena’s best-selling book, The Art of Coaching (2013), this blended learning experience takes you from knowledge building to effective implementation all while accommodating busy schedules. 

Move beyond the book:
We cannot think or read our way to skillful practice. If you want to be a Transformational Coach what you need is straightforward: structured space to practice and receive feedback combined with expert modeling and a few prioritized tools. That is exactly what you’ll receive in this workshop. 

New and experienced coaches will gain clarity about Transformational Coaching and its potential to impact schools and organizations, all while growing confidence in their coaching abilities. Administrators will leave with new tools for leading the adults on their teams.

More than skill building:
This workshop also provides you with two critical resilience-boosters: space and community. First, the chance to slow down, reflect on your values, and remember what brought you into your role and this field. Then, the opportunity to learn in community, share wisdom, and form meaningful connections with coaches across the globe. You’ll leave with renewed energy, inspired to return to your school or organization to implement all that you have learned.

New in 2023:
Your workshop enrollment now also includes complimentary access to two Transformational Coaching Accelerator (TCA) sessions. These TCA sessions take place during the two months immediately following the workshop date and provide the time to ensure workshop learnings continue to translate into skillful practice. 


  • What makes Transformational Coaching uniquely powerful as a way to build emotional resilience in educators and interrupt inequitable practices 
  • The three components of a Transformational Coaching conversation and how to use multiple strategies and tools for each component
  • Your strengths and areas for growth as a coach and leader
  • How you can improve your coaching skills through scaffolded practice with other committed learners


Core workshop experience: The Art of Coaching 

  • Part 1: Asynchronous [4+ hours]
    • Your experience begins with a self-guided exploration of the foundations of Transformational Coaching. This is a combination of knowledge building and reflection that will help you clarify your vision for yourself as a Transformational Coach. 
    • Elena has curated 21 hours of learning for this stage. While all content is highly recommended, 4 hours of learning content has been identified as required.
  • Part 2: Self-Paced Reflection [1 hour]
    • You’ll synthesize your learning from Part 1 and prepare to share some of your reflections, takeaways, and questions in our virtual session. 
  • Part 3: Live Learning [4 hours]
    • Next, you’ll come together with a Bright Morning facilitator and a community of coaches to process your learning, observe masterful coaching, engage in coaching role plays, and receive feedback to sharpen your practice.
    • This is a four-hour session with ~1 hour of prework.

Bonus learning experiences: Transformational Coaching Accelerators 

  • TCA #1: Live Learning [2 learning blocks, 4 hours total]
    • One month later you will reconvene for a targeted practice session. With a month of independent practice under your belt, you’re now ready to learn additional tools and refine your approach. These sessions also include everyone’s favorite activity—live coaching demonstrations. 
    • This is a four-hour virtual experience, divided into 2 two-hour sessions. No prework is required for these sessions. 
  • TCA #2: Live Learning [2 learning blocks, 4 hours total]
    • One month later you will reconvene for a final practice session. Two months have passed since your initial workshop and it’s time to fine-tune your approach and layer on a few more Transformational Coaching tools. And, of course, observe a few more coaching demonstrations! 
    • This is a four-hour virtual experience, divided into 2 two-hour sessions. No prework is required for these sessions.


  • New and experienced coaches, managers, teacher leaders, and mentors
  • Leaders who want to use coaching strategies to support and develop the adults on their teams
  • Educators in all positions who work in public, charter, and private schools


All participants must have access to The Art of Coaching and The Art of Coaching Workbook. Books are not included in the registration fee and are required for the prework.


Hear from Elena


The session will be recorded (except for breakouts) in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch it at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the learning experience.

What people say

The workshop helped me take a deep dive into the “whys” and “how-tos” of Transformational Coaching. Being able to see Elena coach was eye-opening, then hearing her debrief what we saw was very helpful. In addition, practicing the strategies as a coach, coachee, and an observer gave me multiple lenses to see what coaching should be. Thank you for the opportunity.

Linda B.

So much of the training I have received in regards to coaching is about observation, feedback and data. I often feel the human side of coaching gets lost and many time unintentionally people lose sight of how hard it is to be an educator when they move outside the classroom. I love that The Art of Coaching goes back to that human side and pushes leaders to be empathetic with their clients and meet them where they are. I honestly feel that it’s invaluable information.

Naina G.

This workshop really got to the heart of our work as coaches. The strategies were discussed and we work in-depth with them. They became living and breathing entities to our work.

Ann F.