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Developing a Theory of Action

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder In Episode 4 of The Bright Morning Podcast, I referenced a theory of action. I coached Jill through the initial steps to create a draft of a theory of action to lead folks in her district towards having conversations about racial inequities. In my coaching and consulting with leaders,

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An Analysis of Coaching Strategies used with Kathrina

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder In Episode 2 of The Bright Morning Podcast, I coached Kathrina on how she can set boundaries. Kathrina was struggling with her relationships with some colleagues. She’d tried being compassionate and understanding with them, but I could hear that what she wasn’t telling me was that some of those

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Creating Inclusive Spaces Begins with Saying Each Other’s Names

By Elena Aguilar, President and Founder Ja Young’s words echoed in my mind for a long time after recorded our conversation. My name made other people feel uncomfortable. I want to hear my name from people.People who don’t have names that we’re comfortable saying in our English-speaking mouths, don’t hear their names as often. I

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Make a Big Change

Now is NOT the Time to Make a Big Change—Or is It?

When you have a decision to make (or a big change to make), get clear on your priorities! Ask yourself: What matters most? Read this blog from Elena to help with a way to make big decisions.

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Respond to Unanswerable Questions

How to Respond to Unanswerable Questions

Sometimes, leaders need a helping hand. In this blog post, Elena shares a few sentence starters and a video conversation with Jessie about leadership.

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